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October 09, 2023

Explore The Features Of A High-Tech Home Security System In Monroe

Would you enjoy being able to check real-time footage from exterior surveillance systems or secure your front door from anywhere with your smartphone? These kinds of actions are now at your fingertips by virtue of the availability of wireless technology and automation. Learn more about what a high-tech home security system in Monroe can do and see how you can elevate your home’s safety and convenience.

Tap Into Your Monroe System From Any Location

One of the distinctive features of modern, high-tech security for homes is wireless accessibility and control. Going through a home security app on your mobile device, you can connect with your system and all its different elements from any location. Gadgets like a video doorbell will not only allow you to see who’s in front of your door but also talk with them via bi-directional audio. Need to unlock a door to let a service professional in? Not a problem. You can effortlessly unlock smart locking systems from your cell phone.

Revel In The Perks Of Home Automation

Enhanced convenience, security, and even energy savings are all possible when you utilize your system’s automated devices. Here are some of the great things you can do:

  • Have your front door lock automatically. You could have locks activate when going to bed at night or when you leave for your workplace.
  • Program your smart thermostat to update settings at certain times. You might set your thermostat to 76 degrees when the home is vacant and program it to return to the normal 72 before your children arrive from school. This is an excellent way to bring down your energy usage and utility costs.
  • Schedule your lighting. A home that looks inhabited is much less likely to be targeted by thieves. You may program lighting to illuminate at different times and even customize two or more schedules so it appears more unplanned. This is a worthwhile perk when you’re away on vacation.
  • Program components to work in unison. Increase safety and dissuade crime by having interior lighting switch on when movement is captured by outdoor video cameras. Furthermore, you could have your main entry unlock when a fire alarm is set off, helping you depart quickly.

Boost Convenience With Spoken Commands In Monroe

Online access and home automation are incredible benefits, but you can take things a step further with options like vocal commands. The smart speaker your family uses every day can be linked to components like lights and thermostats. Getting warm when making dinner? All you have to do is issue a command to lower the temp. Too dark when coming home from the grocery? Activate lights with a simple command.

Initiate Automation Through Geofencing

You can even have smart components change settings simply based on your cell phone’s location. This is accomplished through geofencing technology. In essence, a virtual boundary is created around your property at a specified distance. You may define a radius of two or three miles. Whenever your cell phone comes into that zone, you could have your thermostat automatically adjust so your living space is at your preferred temperature when you get home. You could also have lights come on or locks open as you cross the virtual fence.

Want To Install High-Tech Security For Your Monroe Home? Reach Out To Secure24 Alarm Systems

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