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Rest Easy With Your Monitored Monroe Carbon Monoxide Detector While Getting Constant Protection From Dangerous CO Gas.

Combat What You Can’t See With A Monroe Carbon Monoxide Detector 

A carbon monoxide leak can be difficult to identify. The clear and scentless gas can emanate from gas ovens, HVAC systems, or your gas fireplace. A built-up CO leak can be harmful and may result in fatigue, shortness of breath, and even death.

However, a monitored Monroe carbon monoxide detector will warn you when there is any indication of CO accumulating. The always-on detector works just like your smoke alarms, as it will sound a high decibel alarm once tripped. The detector also sends a notice to your smart phone and your 24-hour monitoring station so you can get to safety before emergency technicians arrive.

Monroe carbon monoxide detector

Why Get A Monitored CO Detector in Monroe? 

CO gas is very difficult to sense without help. With that being said, your ADT-monitored CO alarm in Monroe is the best way to discover this noxious gas before it puts your family at risk. Here’s what you should know:

  • Electrochemical sensing for carbon monoxide: Quick, low-level CO discovery, so emergency assistance gets to your house in a hurry.

  • Loud warning beeps with clear LED display lights: If the detector senses unsafe amounts of carbon monoxide at your location, the system will blast a high-decibel alarm so you can get to safety. You can also determine the alarm status with clear LED indicators.

  • Phone alerts keep you informed when you’re not home: CO leaks can take place at any hour. So, when your device senses gas buildup, a warning is sent to your phone. Now you can rest easy at work or on vacation.

  • Your 24-7 ADT Monitoring Center responds instantly to CO alarms: When your CO unit sense gas, they immediately contact you and the ADT center. Your monitoring professionals will quickly call the fire department while you focus on your family’s safety.


Pair Your Monroe CO Detectors With Your Home Automation System for Extra Safety

Your monitored CO devices are just one part of your Monroe home security system. When you connect your alarms to your all-encompassing security and automation system, your whole home can react to dangerous CO leaks. Consider the capabilities of your smart devices and the ADT Control app:

  • Have instant alerts delivered to your phone in the event of smoke or fire.

  • Smart locks open automatically for emergency professionals.

  • Activate your HVAC fan from a distance to vent the CO gas buildup.

  • Check live feeds from your security cameras to determine if family and pets are clear of danger.

  • Maintain open communications with ADT monitoring through your phone’s ADT Control app.

Your Carbon Monoxide Detection Starts With A Complimentary Quote

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